Wiritng Research Papers using LaTeX & Subversion (SVN)

Towards the end of our internship period we started writing research papers based on our work. We used LaTeX to write.


Use this command to install LaTeX,

sudo apt-get install texlive-full

Then download a template and go to the relevant folder and type 'make' and enter. This will run the Makefile.

The .pdf file will automatically get generated based on the .tex.

The .tex can be edited with 'gedit .tex' or 'gedit .tex &'


Apache Subversion (often abbreviated SVN, after the command name svn) is a software versioning and revision control system distributed as free software under the Apache License. We use Subversion to maintain current and historical versions of files.

 To install svn,

sudo apt-get install subversion

Then choose the location, eg:

cd home

To get the current version of the repo,by login to server,

svn co svn+ssh://uname@

Editing of files can be done with following two commands.

svn add
svn commit


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