Translating Wikipedia Pages to Sinhala

Towards the end of the internship as our lab celebrated its 10th anniversary, there was a suggestion to start translation of English wikipedia pages to Sinhala, the commonly used language in Sri Lanka. This would be a great help to break the language barrier of young new comers who like to learn technology.

Here are the simple steps to start translation.

Create an account in wikipedia (Create Account)
Then you can log in and start  (Get Started )
From Beta features, you can select "Content Translation"
Select a page you want to translate from here.
Select an input keyboard. (I used the singlish keyboard and the Wijesekara key board)
After translating, publish your translated article.

This was a very interesting activity to me, since the article I started with required a lot of thinking of real meaning to translate. We also get support from the Natural Language Processing lab in our university. I hope to do this often as a hobby to open gates to the technology enthusiates. Here is an example of a page I translated.


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