Fix error “all input devices disabled” in baudline to view data from hackRF

Baudline is a tool used for scientific visualization of the spectral domain.
 I use this to analyze data for signal processing. However I was able to
 view MAVlink packets from a saved file previously but now I have to use
 it to view live data.  
When I tried to run Baudline, it gave the common error “all input devices
 disabled”. This was not a problem to me since I was using baudline to view
 and analyze data that was saved in .raw files.



However the FAQ did not help me, like to many others. After trying several 
methods this method worked for me.
Installing ALSA wrapper to OSS applications. 

aptitude install alsa-oss
aoss ./baudline

Now we can use baudline to view live data from our input device hackRF.


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