Initiatives- RGSoC and Women's day with WTM

I did two main initiatives that included a information session about RGSoC and panel discussion at WTM international women's day event on Anita Borg Scholarship and other opportunities for girls in tech!  RGSoC is happening in Sri Lanka for the first time and the mentor organization is SCoRe, my open source contributing organization. I had a session with SCoRe for our university girls from 1st year to 4th year. It included an introduction to program, application process and projects.

 The second was a panel discussion with students at International Women's Day celebration event with WTM Sri Lanka. Dinu ( the other Anita Borg scholar) also joined for this. We shared about the WTM Scholarship  from Google, GSoC, RGSoC, Outreachy and research projects. Each event included around 100 participants.(200+ for both)

The RGSoC session happened before the panel discussion. Almost none had heard about or applied for this before. After the session I got personal questions regarding applications and many girls teamed up an applied. Organization wise, we received 11 applications for both projects and in the process of reviewing them.

At the beginning of the panel discussion I asked about who wants to apply for GSoC, outreachy and RGSoC. Only students from my university had applied for RGSoC as a result of my session in university. At the end of the panel discussion ALL the students present raised their hands to apply for at least one program! This was a success since I already saw applications from them for RGSoC.


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