Achievements- 2016

True that I have not been writing for sometime, and I thought it would be good to begin this year's posts with my colourful last year's achievements and activitites. I hope to see an improved list at the end of this year! :)

1. Started the year with ending mentoring from SCoRe, at Google CodeIn contest for pre university students.
2. Was accepted to Google Summer of Code program from SCoRe.
3. Won the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship APAC, which inculded a travel to Google office Hyderabad.
4. My first paper publication relating to my research area, Radio Tomography Imaging. (Couldn't attend the conference due to a clash between dates for Anita Borg retreat.)
5. Completed my one year research on Radio Tomography Imaging using WiFi.
6. Completed Christianity Diploma awarded by National Christian Council.
7. Was able to sing with an orchestra! (Soprano)  


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