Install Octave with GUI on remote machine

I used a VM provided by lab, to run octave scripts since RTI require computation and time. This is a step by step command list of how to install octave and run on a remote machine.

ssh -X username@ip                            --> login to remote machine, note the '-X'

apt-get install octave                           --> Install octave in remote machine

sudo apt-get install octave-statistics     --> Install octave statistics package

sudo apt-get install octave-communications --> Install octave statistics package

pkg list                                                  -->   to view the packages installed. If installed the above two packages will appear.

pkg list  octave --force-gui                   -->  to use the gui, this is only possible if you use '-X' option when login

Transfer files using scp command. Now you can run octave scripts on remote machine :)

Using below link, you can find h/w information of the remote machine.


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