Create a WiFi hotspot manually in ubuntu laptop

This is a small post about creating a WiFi hotspot in ubuntu, using default network manager. Even if you don’t have a wireless Internet connection available to share, you can network computers together and communicate between them (share files etc.) by turning your laptop to a Hotspot/ Wireless Access Point.

1. Disable WiFi if it is enabled. (If you want to use internet, connect an internet cable )

2. Go to Network Icon and select Edit Connections. Select Add button inthe window.

3. In the "Choose a connection" window, select Wi-Fi.

4. In the "Editing wifi-hotspot" window, type a connection name, SSID and select Infrastructure as Mode and select your wireless card as MAC address.

5. You can set your password if you want in the "Wi-Fi Security" tab.

6. In the "IPv4" tab, select Shared to other computers. Save the settings.

7. Now you can see a file with the connection name you gave, at /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections

8. Now edit the configuration file. This can by done using terminal. Replace connection name with the one you gave and type
sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/connection_name  

9. In this file, change mode= infrastructure to mode= ap. Save it.

10. Now enable WiFi and it will automatically connect to the Hotspot until you disable it.  




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